You Don’t Deserve ‘Better’ — You Deserve Perfection


Have you experienced the situation where a person would end a two-year relationship by escaping or hiding from you and will only send you a text containing the most famous break-up punch line of all time?

The “you deserve someone better” thingy?

That when you approached him for explanation, that line keeps on playing on replay mode? Maybe you heard it many times from a crying friend, movies, or in television dramas, or just read this cliché from a book or a lonely post in social media. This punch line is so famous more than the issue between Taylor Swift and Katy Perry. There may be a hundred of people out there who may have heard it from their ex.

This punch line is really a joke. Well not the funny one but the insulting one. This has become an excuse more than a reason for break ups. A short cut to escape a relationship you don’t want anymore, to dispose someone, or just to give a reason to someone who seeks closure. Wow closure. A lame finale isn’t it? For an outstanding play you have participated. It’s hard to move on because you were given a broad reason.

Let me tell you this, you don’t deserve someone better than him/her. You are worth more than that excuse. You don’t deserve someone who will only give you a better finale, a better way for your heart to break. You don’t deserve someone who is better only a few miles from your past but does not walk the same path with you. He or she may be more, but may also be not enough for you. You’re probably going for the same outcome or conclusion to your love story.

You are now a free bird. Take your time in finding your next love story. Grab the opportunity to know yourself more and move away from your dark past. Don’t force yourself to look for someone better. You deserve more than that. You are a one of a kind person. Don’t be satisfied on someone just because he or she has that additional flavour compared to your ex. Instead just stop looking. Beautiful things often come by surprise. Wait for him/her to come at the right place at the right time, when you are all but done with your past, ready to write your new book. We all have the choice to make a perfect story suitable for us, to be part of it. To be with a character who will not be toxic to us.

Because you don’t deserve someone better, you deserve perfection. And perfection took time to take place.

You deserve someone who also is a person, who has flaws and imperfections, and will also accept yours. You will not destroy each other with these flaws and imperfections but fill these spaces with your love and trusts to each other. Like a puzzle that fits each other perfectly. You complete each other.

You understand each other. Does not break just because of one mistake, but gives chances to one another, to fix each other. He or she knows you from your curves to edges, and loves you for that. You love it just like that. You’re happy just like that. Find someone who will make you cry, and wipe your tears afterwards. Who will point out your mistakes and negatives in life, but does not make it a reason to get away from you. Lastly, find someone who is serious to you but will also make you laugh with corny jokes and punch lines, not make you cry with one of it.

Because you don’t deserve to hear that joke again from anyone, you are wonderful and perfect for someone. Don’t ask yourself what is wrong with you, because all of us have it. We just need someone to join and love us with it.
That is not someone better that is perfection.