You Don’t Find Your Soulmate You Decide On Them


A Japanese legend has given us so much hope that our other half may be on the other side of the world. Loving someone else who is not meant for them or also searching for us in the vastness of space that we forget to try to see it on our own. You try to find them while expecting them to come into your arms with stars lightning so beautifully and your stomach seems to have all the butterflies in the sanctuary. You look for wrong places, try to accept a love you don’t deserve and still believes that the red string of fate would make you keep him. But darling, you have to know love is not always about destiny or fate.

Maybe, it is in the smile of someone who knows when to check up on you everytime you feel so down. Maybe it is in the presence of someone who truly cares. Someone who will climb up the highest of stairs to bring you some medicines when you are not feeling well. Maybe, your soulmate hides behind his concerns whenever he sees you carrying heavy loads from work and offers you a hand so you will never get tired from a simple task. Maybe, you are trying to find your soulmate with the wrong person and forget you have the ability to choose and that you have a choice.

Know that the stars may align all the good signs that you want to see but this life of yours would give you all the reasons to choose who deserves your love, after all. Destiny may grant your wishes but reality will offer you a real love with flaws in it but with a certainty of staying and will never leave. Do not find your other half but instead choose the one who will make you feel you have already found it.

This Japanese legend about red string of fate may be beautiful but it teaches you the lesson that strings are tied and stretched widely but the love that is meant for you is free from any invisible attachments because it is real and painful but beautiful and sincere.

I hope you have found that red string of fate and decide to tie it in the finger of someone you have chosen to be with.