You Don’t Have To Be A Damn Thing Other Than Exactly Who You Are


Look at you sitting there so unhappy with yourself. Why? Who is it that convinced you that your life, your personality, your looks, your desires, make you any less worthy to be here?

Who was it that you let in that made themselves at home by destroying everything you held dear?

Look at you reading this on your device with your abled mind and perfect body that someone else convinced you wasn’t enough. What is it about you? Are you too big, too small? Too sensitive, too guarded? Do you give your heart away too freely or keep it locked up tight where it’s safe from this cold world?

What part of yourself are you improving for the sake of others? How much self improvement are you dedicating towards what actually sets your soul on fire and gives you energy and makes you feel like you can’t wait to live another day? Who is it you’re trying to impress or to change for?

You don’t have to be skinnier or prettier or more swole or less caring. You don’t have to be more promiscuous or prudish or commitment-oriented. You don’t have to chase anyone else’s dreams or envy them things that they try to tell you you should want for yourself.

You really, really don’t.

You don’t have to be a damn thing other than who and what you want to be.

Challenge the ones who try to convince you otherwise. Ask them what makes them so all-knowing that they have the nerve to try to make you believe in something as shaky as the ground they sling dirt from. Ask the ones who claim they have it all figured out whether it comes to health, love, career, friendship, whatever, how it is that they got to know it all. Did they emerge from the womb a prodigy or did it take them some trial and error? Did someone once convince them they aren’t enough or has everyone kissed the ground they walked upon for years?

Unsolicited advice can be quite humorous when approached with the right attitude. Nothing is funny about making people feel like less though. You are worthy, you are so so worthy. No, you are not, nor will you ever be, perfect and yes, there are probably areas of your life that need improvement. But what is your life without such goals to live for? What is it that we can really attain that will make us happy other than the decision to try to be happy itself?

Don’t let people tell you a damn thing about yourself. You don’t have to be a damn thing other than what you feel deep in your heart you are meant to be.