You Don’t Have To Fight It Alone


Wandering Vagabond.
Society coins her that.
“They” look down at her and they see.
A woman that should be kept
A spirit that has lost her way
A creature who doesn’t know what she wants
I look at her and I see
A Daydreamer
An untethered spirit
A creature of unquenchable passions
She does not stay in the real world that often
But as a being drifting between
This plane of ours
And the plane of the dreamers
And I tell her
“Whats wrong with that?”
She just shakes her head and says
“They” say its wrong to dream
To dream so fiercely about so many paths
To be passionate about so many things
I hold her hand and raise it
I grab her middle finger and wrestle it out of her fist I place her in front of the window
And I whisper in her ear
“Fuck them”