You Don’t Owe Him Sex, Even If These 12 Things Happen Between You Two


1. Sexting him. He’ll be disappointed if you text him about how badly you want to ride him and then you don’t follow through when you see him in person. But your comfort is more important than his expectations. If you don’t want to sleep with him, then don’t sleep with him.

2. Letting him pay for a drink or dinner. He can’t buy your body. Accepting his offer to pick up the check doesn’t mean you agreed to have sex with him. If he thinks it does, then he’s not the kind of guy you want to be around.

3. Giving him blue balls. He has two hands, which is one more than he needs to jack himself off. So if he whines about his blue balls, direct him to the bathroom so he can orgasm over the toilet.

4. Dating him for months. There’s not a set date when you should sleep with him. Wait until you’re ready. Some people have sex on the first date and some people wait a full year. It’s up to you.

5. Making out with him. Kissing doesn’t have to lead to anything else. It can be the main event.

6. Taking your clothes off. Even if your make-out session gets hot and heavy, you can still put an end to it. Just because your shirt came off doesn’t mean you can’t put it back on. If he calls you a tease, then call him a cab and send him home.

7. Having sex with him onceIt doesn’t matter if you’ve already had sex with him. Giving him consent once doesn’t mean he has a lifetime pass to get into your pants. You can turn him down whenever you want without feeling bad about it.

8. Leading him on. No, it’s not nice to lead someone on. But if you end up realizing you don’t actually want to sleep with the guy you’ve been kind’ve sort’ve seeing, then you shouldn’t sleep with him. Don’t give him a pity fuck.

9. Inviting him over. Even if you dropped hints about how you’re home all alone, you don’t have to sleep with him once you get him into your bedroom. You can still have a fun time without having sex.

10. Going home with him. Even if you’re completely wasted, you can call a cab to take you home. There’s nothing anchoring you to his bedroom, so if you want to leave, get the hell out of there.

11. Telling him you’re horny. I don’t care if you promise him sex. You can take back that promise if the moment doesn’t feel right. Don’t be afraid of being called a bitch.

12. Starting to have sex. It doesn’t matter if you’re smack dab in the middle of sex. If you start to feel uncomfortable and want to stop, tell him. You can give or take away consent at any time–even if he’s already inside of you. Don’t force yourself to keep going, just because you feel obligated to. You don’t owe him anything, especially your body.