You Feel Like Golden Rays Of Sunshine, Breaking Through A Sky That Has Seen 20 Years Of Rain


I am not afraid to ask you
what kind of space do you have in your heart
I am not afraid to ask you
is this a moment
or is this a moment worth keeping
I am not afraid to tell you what my weaknesses in love are
I am not afraid to tell you
what my fears are
being left
I say
over French toast
from your dad
you reply
that makes sense
and then you walk across the table
and sit beside me
and say
can we get this over with now?
and you kiss me
At 9:30 am
and I blush deep red
and then our breakfast comes
and you call Sara by her name
and sit across from me
and we return to talking about fears in love
for you have them too
and when somebody shows me their heart
I only love them deeper
And in this moment I am not afraid to like you first
I am not afraid to be away from you
for I know if you the space makes it go away
you were not for me
and I was not for you
so let’s dance
or kiss
or play
and let’s talk about kids
and marriage
and where we would buy a house if we are still together in a year
and maybe it’s silly
after knowing each other for 48 hours
or maybe it will turn into the greatest love story we’ll ever have
I don’t know
but I do know that when you sit in my body as a feeling
I do not feel afraid
there is no need for protection
or questions
or control
or knowing
or figuring
there is just time for being and feeling
and you feel like golden rays of sunshine
breaking through a sky that has seen 20 days of rain.