You Forced Her To Place A Wall Around Her Soft Heart


You are the reason why she is deathly afraid of being abandoned. You are the reason why she doubts her self-worth. You are the reason why she is hesitant to enter another relationship.

Before you entered her world, her soft heart was trusting. She saw the good in every person she came across. She believed in second chances. She was open to possibilities. She could not wait to spend her life loving someone else, someone who would give her a storybook kind of romance.

You ruined those plans. Instead of offering her every little piece of you, you destroyed pieces of her. You made her question herself. You made her doubt your intentions. You made her lose faith in people as a whole.

You changed her. You turned her into someone skeptical. Someone cynical. Someone pessimistic and self-deprecating. She is a completely different person now than when she first met you and it is all your fault. It is because you were too selfish and arrogant to see how much she truly deserved.

Now, she has a wall around her soft heart. She refuses to let anyone inside because she is terrified of history repeating itself. She does not want to look like a fool again. She would rather play it safe than take a risk, even if that means remaining alone. She has lost her desire to fall in love. She is beginning to believe she is better off staying single because that way no one else can hurt her the way that you have.

She does not see the allure in relationships anymore. When she spots happy looking couples, she is not jealous of them. She feels bad for them because it’s only a matter of time until their illusion of happiness is shattered. That might be a cruel way to think, but she cannot help it.

There is a part of her who misses the woman she used to be, back when she was young and trusting and naive, but another part of her is glad she is no longer so gullible. She is glad she has a backbone now. She is glad she realizes not everyone is meant to be trusted. Some people do not deserve her. Most people do not deserve her.

She has a wall around her heart now because she refuses to get taken advantage of again. She will not settle for less than she deserves any longer.

In the past, she might have been upset about her single status, but it does not bother her anymore. She is fine on her own. She does not need anyone. She can take care of herself. She can handle her own struggles. She is strong enough to walk through this world without a hand to hold.

She used to love the idea of love, but now she is questioning whether it exists at all.

You forced her to place a wall around her soft heart. You turned her into someone she does not even recognize.