You Forgot How To Be In Love, And I Forgot How To Be Alone


Oh my dear lover, don’t find the courage to leave me, when I’m trying my best to hold onto you,

I have forgotten how to be alone,

You have forgotten how to be in love,

So, lover, don’t leave now that I have forgotten how to leave the ones I can’t.

Oh my dear lover, don’t find the cheapest flight out of this city, I will follow you, my heart will keep calling for you,

How do you expect me to fight with myself from searching for you?

The skies won’t be enough to contain my tears,

This city won’t be loud enough to hold my screams,

So lover don’t leave, I have already given myself all over to you.

Oh lover, how can you find happiness when I’m not with you?

I had hoped we would grow old together, lay down in the same grave,

Hold hands through all eternity,

Have the same dreams after we die,

Floating through the universe in each other arms,

Now you’re gone, and I’m alone, and I feel so sleepy when I’m at home, but I don’t sleep, and I can’t dream anymore.