You Give Me Butterflies


Butterflies are beautiful, mysterious, and hopeful.

Beautiful like an overview of the ocean on top of a cliff and seeing the sunset. The rays gleaming on your face and you feel them kissing your lips.

Beautiful meaning the first moment you see your fiance walking towards you with her gorgeous wedding dress. You two speak your vows and become partners into the next life.

Beautiful as listening to your favorite song play over and over again. You sing the lyrics in your head and dance freely.

Mysterious like the first time you text each other and wonder what they’re thinking. You communicate every day but are still curious about how they feel about you.

Mysterious meaning how you view life as you grow older. Life becomes a mystery and we do our best to try and live through it.

Mysterious as in a person you meet somewhere but didn’t get the chance to exchange contact information. You wonder if you’ll ever see that person again and think if the universe will let you cross paths.

Hopeful like the first time you find a hobby you like and enjoy. You realize this hobby is something you are passionate about and want to work towards improving.

Hopeful meaning the moment you turn of age and start making decisions for yourself. This is a big chapter of your life as you learn to grow and learn from your mistakes.

Hopeful as holding your newborn child and looking at what you’ve created. You dream that your child will be the best person that they can and you want to support them through everything.

Butterflies are defined as love.

Love is beautiful, mysterious, and hopeful.

Love grows into something beautiful.

Love is mysterious, as there is no way to explain it.

Love can make a person hopeful and believe in the future.

Next time you see a butterfly, appreciate its beauty, wonder where it’s going next, and hope to see another one soon.

Be thankful for butterflies, as they are a reminder of love. Love another person or love yourself. Spread love like butterflies.

“You give me butterflies” – Love