You Guys, Joaquin Phoenix Is Dating The Hipster Runoff Project Girl?


Background: Back in the day (2010) Hipster Runoff was (by far) the funniest site on the internet.

Bebe Zeva came of age as the HRO “it girl”, we learned about ‘alt’ and ‘mnstrm’ and unchill azn bros and all the things site creator Carles was ‘worried abt.’ At some point there was some satirical site drama when a new HRO ‘it girl’ came on the scene– a young high school student named Allie Teilz. She had done a school project about Hipster Runoff and was referred to on the site as “project girl.” For awhile people had fun comparing and contrasting Allie and Bebe.

Cut to today…

I was reading US Weekly (don’t judge me) and there was a headline about Joaquin Phoenix and his 19-years-younger girlfriend, Allie Tielz. That can’t be THE Allie Teilz? I thought to myself–then I clicked through to the picture and read the story–they’re totally identical! I’m pretty sure this. is. happening.

Mainstream publications don’t seem to know the back story that ties her current “DJ Allie Teilz” name to her “HRO Project Girl” roots– or perhaps just aren’t as interested in internet culture as I am, but this is so weird and awesome. I sincerely hope that doing a cute school project about your favorite website is the new sex tape in terms of garnering fame/celebrity boyfriends. Win for internet culture!