You Have A Voice, And You Are Meant To Use It


You are quiet. But you shouldn’t be.

You should speak to the world, let it know your hopes and your fears, what has blessed you and what could be fixed, what makes your heart ache and what brings a smile across your face.

The world needs to know. It needs to hear from the people who occupy its space, breathe its air, fall in love on its land. You were given a voice for a reason; you need to open your mouth.

Speak. You cannot be afraid.

You cannot be afraid to share your deepest thoughts, your opinions, your beliefs, the ideas you have rolling around the corners of your mind. You cannot be afraid of what people will say, or if they will agree. You are entitled to your own feelings, own convictions, own words. And regardless of what happens when you say them aloud, you need to do just that—speak them to life, bold and strong.

You have a voice. A beautiful voice, a unique voice, a strange and wonderful voice that is your own. No one else’s. Why do you hide it?

What if someone told you that your words are important, would you write them then? Fill pages? Change hearts? Well, I’m telling you now. What you have to say matters.

You matter.