You Have Got A Lot of Nerve


You have got a lot of nerve
to give voice to your feelings
it takes my breath away
the rawness of your heart
beats a rhythm that reverberates
through the voices of fear that
are too scared to feel
too scared to learn
too scared to be strong
in their vulnerability


If they are found out
for their insecurities
for their small-mindedness
for their disbelief in this world
that is full of love
full of difference
it will wash the need for
oppression away


Give voice to that feeling of
pain, of being cornered
forced to fit in
dropping the pen that once allowed
the freedom of your beauty
to flow
shhh… fit in, don’t stand out
stay quiet, do as they say


But you brush it off,
and stay grounded in your heart
your green eyes see a luscious
world of beauty, of difference
that makes the soul sing and chant
the sweetest ancient tongues of wisdom


The hate, it likes to tiptoe through
it tries so hard to fill in space
that has no meaning
has no depth,
just hate, that lacks creativity
that lacks essence
what is unveiled is the fear of self,
the fear of the unknown
it is just a mirage that has no substance


To dance and be free of hate
would mean to dance a story
of epic chords
a melody of truth
the dance would begin at the top
of the mountain of every soul
and echo the release of pain
of truth
of reconciliation
of responsibility


Don’t fit in,
never fit in
spread your uniqueness
your value
until it is seen and held with awe
until it is felt with passion
and loved unconditionally


Feel deeply
love outrageously
and never
apologize for your beauty
and the impact it has
on anyone’s heart
and feel some more
right into the heart of your soul