You Have No Right To Stay In Their Life


You had no right.

You definitely had no right to continue to include yourself in someone’s life, especially if that someone is a person you’ve hurt over and over again.

You had no right to even think it is okay to act like that there wasn’t a past between you, to make it seem like the present is all good, and to assume that they want you in their future.

You had no right to consciously make an effort to keep communication lines open, to find ways to get in touch with them despite their attempts to keep you from doing so.

You had no right to flaunt your happiness as you rub it in that they are still not in a good place.

You had no right to believe that they are, and will be, there for you at the drop of a hat like they used to, despite the fact that you hung them out to dry.

You had no right to keep them wrapped around your finger, to have them at your beck and call, to take advantage of their weakness. The weakness that is you.

You had no right to come and go as you please. You had long since chosen to make your way out of their life, you do not get the privilege to keep coming back for more.

Please try to remember, they did not hesitate to give you their heart, and you did not hesitate to break it. Forgetting the pain you caused them is the biggest insult. It is equivalent to saying, you did not care if they continue to get hurt because of you.

Please take the time to think about all they did for you, and what you did in return. How you lured them into that dark dungeon better known as your heart, with your grand gestures and the promise of love, and how you left them hanging as you nonchalantly walked away.

Even for one second, be the person they fell in love with, that person who cared, who loved, the person who wished to make them happy. And if, by chance, in that moment you realize how badly you treated them and you feel like you want to make it up to them, please choose to do what is right.

Please choose to take your bow, to head for the exit. Please choose to draw the line and to stop crossing it. Please choose to keep doing what you do best — walk away.

Because for as long as you refuse to choose to be with them, you have no right to keep them close.