Your Heart Is Made To Be Broken


You are left to your own devices. Your heart is your battery and your mind is your hard drive. You are charged by emotions. When you feel like you are about to shut down, your hard drive has to work extra hard. When it crashes, so do you. To repair yourself, you try to connect with others similar. You forget that the cause of their crash may not be the same cause as yours. The parts that hold you together physically may not always show signs of damage. Body parts can often uphold dysfunctional systems. Eventually they reach a breaking point, too.

Sometimes shock provokes signs of internal function. Then the systems give up once again. We need power from the heart. When the heart can’t operate properly, everything goes into panic mode. When you fall apart nobody knows how to fix you besides yourself.

Sometimes you will feel like you can never be put back together. Just know that it may feel like your devices control you, but when your hard drive crashed you lost the ability to remember that you control your devices.

Your future cannot be computed. Feelings cannot be analyzed with numbers. The algorithm of your heart and the processes of your mind do not always work well together. That does not mean you cannot function, it just means that there is a disconnect. One day everything will reconnect and make sense together because you are built with a purpose.

You have no warranty so do not try to exchange yourself for someone else. If someone cracks your code, it is because they are the ones who know how to show you to repair yourself. Oxygen and blood are not the same as codes and keys. Your heart is made to be broken; your mind is meant to reach overdrive; your body is meant to burn. Time can help your future state but it cannot help you function in the present. Be aware about what went wrong and you have the capacity to overhaul it all.

Wear and tear does not make you less worthy. Tears do not make you weak. Your body is held together with tissues for a reason. You may end up with some scars, but you will not depreciate in value.

You are skin and bones; not plastic and metal. Life isn’t calculated. If you are still trying to figure out what you will equate to, know that this is the equation you are trying to solve: everything=x, when x=anything. If someone knows shortcuts and repairs, it is because they have lived.

When you are left to your own devices remind yourself that life isn’t about make or break, it is about make and break.