You Keep Me Safe, And I’ll Keep You Wild


You keep me safe.

On a Thursday night, or a Sunday morning. When the clouds fill the sky and the rain softly hits the window. When the moon greets the stars and the sun kisses the ocean.

You keep me safe.

When the outside world is too much to bare.

From a rough day at work, filled with opinionated coworkers, spilled coffee, and a missed promotion.

From gossip and materialism. From fake friends and the overwhelming sins we face everyday; the things we just can’t wrap our minds around.

You keep me safe.

From myself.

My past. My greediness. My insecurities. My doubts. My fears. Safe from ever thinking that I am not enough.

You keep me safe.

In your arms. In your forehead kisses and tickle fights. In your nightly snuggles, my head on your chest- moving together as your rib cage rises and falls to a steady beat.

You keep me safe, and I’ll keep you wild.

Saturday afternoon adventures, discovering quaint coffee shops and bike trails. Stopping just to twirl around in the tall grass; the sounds of nature as our music.

Spending the day turning the living room into a massive fort, only for our pillow fight to knock it all down.

Miles of open highway, sub-par karaoke skills, and unlimited kettle chips; plans to complete bucket lists and visit foreign countries.

I’ll keep you wild.

By playing devil’s advocate. By pushing you to conquer your fears, to remember the little things, to laugh along the way.

To take that extra shot, to order the large fry. To literally do anything and everything your heart desires, big or small.

To acknowledge the things in your heart. To give back. To say yes too much and no too little. To take every opportunity handed to you because there is no limit.

I’ll keep you wild.

Under your safe embrace. Because that’s how you deserve to live: forever young, forever happy, and forever filled with a crazy wild love.