You Know Where To Find Me


you know where to find me
you can find me
where the sun and the clouds forever meet
underneath open sky without rain
aside the ocean situated above the cliffs
you can find my happiness there

you can find me
where no one truly knows me
out in the center square but within my own thoughts
nothing else exists except that in my mind
in silence i’ll sit behind the man dressed as a younger Michael Jackson
you can find my soul there

you can find me
with the same new friends, attempting to learn the same language
still struggling with the same grammatical concepts
drinking liquor that causes me to forget everything i just learned
with the characters you heard endlessly about
you can find my mind there

you can find me
in the same cafe i loved when i knew you
when i loved you
with the absolutely inattentive waitstaff
writing the book i said i wanted to
the one i wouldn’t stop talking about for a month
finally, here, i’ll be writing those words
you can find my passion there

you can find me
atop of the mountains
running alongside humid, mosquito infested trails
unable to breathe but still alive
days without service but taking the break you said i needed
you can find my adventure there

you can find me
on the bench overlooking surfer’s peak
where i wrote you the letters i said i would send
but were never mailed
because i left and lost them sometime in between
you can find us in those letters there

you can find me
in the room overlooking the ocean
where the wind gusts rapidly,
leaving its cold air behind
yet never fails to miss a sunset
every detail of the room we were to live in
will remain exactly as i described
you can find my heart there

and if you still love me, unconditionally,
every piece of me,
you know where to find me.