You Make Me Want To Be Vulnerable Again


You make me want stop acting so tough
and just text you first.
You make me want to forget about my rules
and break them all for you.
You make forget that I promised myself
not to fall too fast.
You make me want to break all my promises,
you make me want to be soft again.
You bring out the side of me that I neglected
because I was told it wasn’t getting me anywhere
but somehow you revived it,
somehow it makes sense with you.
You make me want to open up
when I usually hold back,
you make me want to hold your hand
when I normally let go.
You make me unafraid of my feelings,
you make me more comfortable with my emotions,
you make me okay with my sensitivity.
You remind me that I’m a woman
and women are allowed to feel things deeply,
they’re allowed to be softer,
they’re allowed to let go every once in a while
and let their hearts do all the work.
You make me want to do this right;
to just go all in —
not knowing where it will go.
To give you my heart without expecting it back
and to finally let you see the parts of me
that I’ve hidden for so long.
You make me want to be seen again.
You make me want to love again. 

Rania Naim is a poet and author of the new book All The Words I Should Have Said, available here.