You Need To Have An Ego – And It Needs To Be Big


You need to grow your ego. You need to water that bitch until it’s coming out of your ears. Your small ego may just be the last thing standing between you and realizing your full potential.

You see, our entire lives we are taught that the ego is something to be ashamed of. Ego is defined either as the degree to which we assume self-importance or simply the realization of a sense of self. Neither of those ideas seem entirely terrible to me.

We are misled when the ego is also associated with a sense of superiority or separation. In reality, those are two independent traits more readily related to being an arrogant asshole. The ego is the source from which we draw our power.

I don’t believe, I know that we are all connected. Visualize this. You fill your bathtub with water. The water is representative of all of the atoms and molecules that make up all of creation, including our bodies and souls. Next, you take two glasses and fill them with water from the tub. These glasses represent you and me.

Now, it is clear that you and I are of the same source, of equal value and importance. Being placed in two distinct containers gives us the gift of experience. So, we can either try and spend a lifetime denying the existence of a sense of self, or we can realize that it is only mutually beneficial to recognize our common power. The water inside of the glass.

We come from the source. If we did not want this experience as an individual human being we would have stayed in the bathtub. We are powerful and capable of the extraordinary. Our ego allows us to recognize this. Grow your ego. Own your power. Just don’t be a selfish prick.

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