My Best Friend Moved On, Don’t Let It Happen To You


Last year, I thought that I had the best friends in the world.

There were six of us and we loved each other, but I was always closer to my best friend. She was the one I talked to when I needed advice, or when something bad happened. We laughed together so much, we cried together sometimes, but most importantly, we were always there for each other.

This is why I was not worried at all when we graduated high school. I just assumed no matter what, we’d at least talk to each other, since there was always WhatsApp or Facebook.

A month after graduation, we were talking everyday. We couldn’t meet up because we were doing two different things that took up almost all our time, but it didn’t matter because we still spoke. But as time passed, the messages became less frequent. I honestly don’t know what I said or did, but she would not reply for days, and then when she needed something, she’d message me.

I put up with this for about four months, but there were times when I would get so mad because she never replied, and I confronted her about it. She apologized so much that it made me wonder whether I was the one at fault. But after the four months, I had had enough. We rarely talk now and I think that she is happy.

In the beginning, I thought I could survive without a best friend. Now, most of the time I just want to cry in my room and never go outside. I miss having someone I can talk to non stop. I miss having someone to laugh with. I miss just walking around places with someone. I started college and I have yet to make one proper friend.

So, for all of you guys out there, hold on to your best friend. Because you honestly cant survive without one.