You Need To Stop Waiting For Tomorrow


I’ve never understood all those people going through life playing things cool.

Y’know – the laidback Larry’s of our world. The ones who come across so casual, not giving a hoot about much; if they were any more laid back they’d possibly glide around horizontally. You rarely know what they’re feeling or thinking; because they’ll never tell you. No. They keep themselves wrapped up in a thick cloud of mystery, with a dusting of aloofness just for good measure.

They’d rather lose you than be open and vulnerable with their hearts. They’d rather take a loss than even enter the game, because they honestly believe that this is the less risky choice. They keep all of their truths locked away, deep inside themselves. Sometimes so deep, that they forget that anything is even there. And sometimes, what might have been there gradually begins to fade away.

I just can’t imagine living life that way. In constant fear of taking a leap of faith. Not putting your heart on the line. Never quite being all in.

Yes, it can be totally terrifying being honest. You might finally build up the courage to tell that guy that you love him, and that you have since the day you first met, only to have him tell you they he sees you as just a friend. Yes, it could be the most painful, gut wrenching, soul destroying event that happens to you so far. But is it worth it? Yes. If you had the chance for a do-over, would you do it all the same again? Absolutely.

Because, why the hell would you not? Because, how can you be sure that you will be lucky enough to get another stab at it tomorrow?

This is how I see it: I might get hit by a bus today; so if I find myself liking someone, they sure as hell are gonna know, because I’m gonna tell them. I don’t care if I’ve just met them. I don’t care if I’m the first one to say it. And neither should you. Because what is the worst that can happen? They don’t like you back. And if they don’t like you back, that’s fine, because it means they were never the person that’s meant for you anyway. So it’s pretty easy to get over it and move on. Right?

The real worst that can happen is that you never say anything. And you carry on wondering, dragging around your maybes and your somedays.

The trouble is, all of us think we have time. Give yourself a good wake up call right now and realise that there are just seven days in every week, and someday is not one of them.

What’s wrong with today, this moment, right here and now? Now is all any of us really have. So we had better start making now count.