You Owe It To Her To Tell Her The Truth


So you found a new girl.

I can see that you’re building the foundations of your budding relationship with her as you did with me and the former miss (your “real” ex). Right now, it may seem like roses and daisies for your new girl because you’re good at painting colorful canvases. As your relationship moves ahead with her, will you ever tell her that you were once a cheater?

That you once spared your heart with me while still with another?

She deserves to know your past and come to grips for what it means to be with you. Being with you is not only about the wide grins and soft kisses; no, it’s about telling her that you have insecurities. Maybe opening up about your history will make her love you more. Perhaps she will instead nurture you more than I and your former miss ever could. If she does, it may give you the reassurance you need to never cheat on her. Or maybe it’s false hope because a cheater is always a cheater. You should let her make up her own mind.

Be honest with her – truly honest.

If you’re not willing to do so, you’ll end up cheating on your new girl too. While it’s nice to have a line of girls waiting for you, it’s cruel to leave a trace of hurt women behind. Do not let that be your legacy.

There is nothing wrong in admitting that you’re not as secure with yourself as you thought you were. It’s normal for people to feel “less” but let the new girl be your rock and strength. You won’t be judged for being uncertain about your life, but you will be judged if you hurt her because of your uncertainty. Please stop leaving pieces of shattered hearts as you live this life.

Tell her the truth. Open up your heart and let someone past that door that you guarded so tightly. I couldn’t get past it but maybe she could. Express to her with words that you held back from me and the former miss – it could be that your new girl is better at softening you up. Learn to be an honest person with your new girl because that’s something you need to work on.

You owe it to yourself to admit your past mistakes and move forward as a better, wiser person.

Perhaps not for me, but maybe for her, your new girl.