You Ruined What We Could’ve Been


I’m sorry for all the time it took me to let go of the us that never was. The us that has the entire me and half you. The us that I desperately tried to believe in, hoping that one day you will learn to be in it, too.

You think you have won when you had the last say. When I didn’t respond when you threw all the things you knew about me back to my face without an ounce of remorse. And maybe you did win. Maybe for you, winning is breaking my heart. Maybe for you, winning is leaving without apologies.

And maybe, just maybe a part of me wishes I never met you. Sure, I have never felt so passionate about someone, but I have also never felt so unloved. You were only there when you needed me, but you vanish quickly after you get your fix. I hope you find satisfaction in ruining someone’s perception of love. I hope it haunts you forever.

They say that the key to moving on is forgiveness and acceptance. I beg to differ. I will never be able to forgive you. I didn’t spend so much time hating myself for not being good enough for you to just let this anguish go. My anger fuels my desire to move on. My fury teaches me to avoid people like you in the future. This will serve as a reminder for me that heartless people like you exist.

So cheers to the us that never was. I will try to love again, but you, I hope you spend all your life trying to win someone who will never love you. Because you do not deserve other people’s love, when all your whole damn life all you have ever loved is yourself.