You Should Fall In Love With Someone Who’s Broken


Fall in love with a broken person. Fall for their scars, wounds, and 2 a.m. cries. Let yourself because they will not love like a regular person. The journey and the chase will be different. They will ask you a thousand times the reason you love them and despite your best answers, they will ask you again. They are afraid to live by it. But let me tell you, loving a broken person is beautiful. Difficult but magical. Her strong face is a veil to the sky-high emotional wall. She will fight you till the end because she is scared of another mark on her soul. But under those painful wounds they bear, is a beautiful soul waiting to be embraced. Broken people are precious. They will love you like no one else; trust you like no one else. Their vulnerabilities will seem to be strangely beautiful. There will be fights and arguments. But a broken person knows what it’s like to put ego in the front seat, and will rather say “I love you” instead of losing you. But again they know the difference between compromise and sacrifice. They know relationships are difficult and they are going to spend every minute trying to be the best version of themselves. It is not that they don’t trust you; they are just scared of losing you. But once you gain their trust, you can count on them never to run from you. They will accept you as you are. They will take every step with you as an equal; neither a victim nor the ruler. But they will sure rule your heart if you let them. They are just like us, just a person in need of love and assurance. So let yourself love. Love like there are no boundaries and no tomorrow. Love the shit out of that person so they forget they ever considered themselves to be broken.