You Should Fall In Love With Them A Second Time


Relationships always have problems. I don’t think I’ve ever had any relationship, friendship or otherwise, that was 100% problem free. Either my own problems, or my friend or boyfriend’s problems, and how all those issues end up impacting the relationship. In a way, it’s sort of what you sign up for when you get into a new relationship. You’re basically saying, “You’re an amazing person and I’m willing to accept all of your baggage.” Yes yes: I know we have to draw a line in the sand somewhere, at least where other people’s baggage is concerned, but we ALL have baggage and things that make us feel insecure. The sooner we realize and understand that, the better our relationships might turn out.

Are we breaking up too soon? When we break up with someone, or think we want to break up with them anyway, are we making a rash decision? Are we sure? Of course no one should stay in a relationship that is so toxic it would make Joan Rivers’ wig melt. You know the warning signs: GET OUT. Or when you just don’t love someone anymore, let them go. But what if you’ve just been feeling confused? You’re in that space where you’re not sure what you want to do, even if you know you feel for them.

Fall in love with them a second time. Sleep next to them closely and feel them breathe on your neck. Go on a vacation someplace new and build brand new memories together. Remember what made you love them in the first place. Think about the way they smell and how happy they make you. Feel how close your bodies feel when you rush up to hug her or him. Enjoy the fact that they know exactly what you like in the bedroom and they know how to get your body hot.

Falling in love with someone a second time, whether you’ve been having relationship problems or not, doesn’t mean that you ever stopped being in love with them. Not loving, but being in love. Once you stop being in love with someone completely, that’s when you should check out of the relationship. That’s the moment you stop caring about the other person, purposefully making yourself unavailable. That’s when you need to let them go. But when you fall in love with someone a second time it means that you’re seeing them with a fresh pair of eyes. You’re re-remembering all the things that turned you on to them in the first place.

Sure, there might be other fish in the sea. And yeah, yeah, your Prince/ess charming will be here shortly. At least that’s what all your friends will say when you tell them just how much your current relationship confuses you. But rather than making a huge relationship mistake, one you may or may not regret, see what happens if you allow yourself to fall in love with them a second time.

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