You Should Never Settle For Less Than You Deserve


So many things have happened to you that slowly shattered your heart and broke it into a million pieces.

Maybe it was your crush that you have no chance with. Maybe it was your first love whom you thought you were going to marry, but then he just left you out of nowhere without giving you closure.

Maybe it was that boy from your high school who admitted his feelings for you, but ended up being one of those people who only wanted you when he needed you.

Maybe he was that one guy in your college that bravely told you that he liked you, and when you finally told him that you’ve fallen for him too, he told you that he already had a girlfriend.

Life puts you into those kinds of situations until it comes to the point where you’re no longer surprised or disappointed if someone leaves you or tries to hurt you.

But try to look on the positive side of it — you met them just to teach you some lessons in life. They taught you to be wise. They taught you that you’re the whole book and they’re just a chapter.

They can’t completely stay in your life, because they are not worthy of you and your love. They don’t deserve your all.

There are really some people who were made just to take advantage of your love and kindness. It’s okay if you’ve been stupid — we’ve all gone through that.

It’s okay if you’re the one who loves more and cares more, the one who’s always deeply in love and gets attached easily. Don’t you dare apologize for it.

Remember, it’s not your loss. But at the same time, you should never let yourself be in those situations again. Never ever settle for less.


You deserve so much better. You deserve so much happiness in this world. You deserve the love you keep trying to give to everyone.

You deserve to be loved by a man who has enough courage to meet your efforts and meet you halfway. You deserve someone who can give you the assurance you’ve always wanted to hear, who doesn’t make you second guess their love for you.

You deserve to be fought for by the man who’s brave enough to introduce you to his family, friends, and colleagues. No one deserves to be loved by a coward.

You deserve a man who is 100% sure about you. The man who will do anything just to prove his love to you and is always ready to take risks just to be with you.

You deserve to be with someone who will never put himself in a position to lose you. Darling, you deserve to be cared for. You deserve someone who will never ever take advantage of you.

If you’re lucky enough, you get to find a man who will love you more than you love him. Someone who never gets tired of showing his love for you, someone who can’t resist talking to you after a fight.

You deserve someone who supports you on everything you want to do. Someone who’s willing to drown himself into the depths of your soul.

Someone who fully accepts all of you. Someone who enjoys your madness, and is always ready to hear your thoughts.

Someone who can calm you when you’re having a mental breakdown, someone who you can vent to about your family problems or your job.

Someone who you can cry on, not someone who will make you cry. Someone who will never leave you when your demons, depression, and anxiety hits you. Someone who listens and understands you.

You deserve someone you can be witty with, someone who can deal with with your jokes and sarcasm. You deserve someone who will love you with every piece of his heart. 

We all deserve that kind of love. When you finally realize your self-worth, you’ll never allow yourself to be treated poorly again.

It’s not about how high your standards are, because if a man wants you enough, he’ll prove it. Half-love isn’t love — either it’s all or nothing.