You Shouldn’t Be ‘Dealing With Rejection’, You Should Be Healing From It


It not about dealing with rejections – it is about healing

Rejections are a part of life. You are really not going to attain many goals if you are afraid of rejections. It is simply a process involved in attaining those things you desire. Whether in career, relationships or personal goals you would have to understand the dynamics of dealing with rejections. And yes there are a lot of blog post articles that will offer an insight to how you can deal with rejection.

So yes perhaps you have to do things like traveling, learning something new, meeting new people and so on to get out of that phase, the real deal is in healing. And healing should be fast because every rejection is never beautiful, except you focus on the bright side.

What does rejection really mean however? According to The Free Dictionary rejection means To refuse to accept, submit to, believe, or make use of. It‘s root word, jacere means “to throw.” Of course being ejected or rejected could have strong meanings. This is what it means to deal with rejections.

It is about healing

According to Gurbaksh Chahal, “It is about realizing and coming to terms with the reality.” Truthfully you have to be willing to face the truth of what is involved in healing. Motivational speaker, entrepreneur and thought leader Chahal has faced rejections many times before building BlueLithium and ClickAgents. So What if a guy doesn’t want you as much as you want them, you have to find it in your heart to heal and come to terms with the truth. There is no meandering, you just have to be self-aware. That is how to heal. You don’t hide a wound, you don’t deny it either, you simply learn to deal with it.

Yes rejection stings, it could bruise your self-esteem and alter your perspectives. But at the end of the day it is simply a feedback and not the end itself.

It is about pushing your limits

It is about acceptance and being willing to heal and move on. You simply have to progress rather than fall behind. You simply have to push to become a better person. You simply have to find ways to soothe a scar so that you have a healthier body to embrace what lies ahead.

It is about compassion

It is about having the desire to heal. Yes you are hurt, but you care so much about yourself and others that you are willing to heal. You are willing to go through the process and find redemption in it. Yes when you are willing to heal, you show you care!

It is about defining your hurt

Your hurt or rejection shouldn’t define you, rather you should define it. you should take charge of the situation and heal. You should learn and pay attention to the process so that you wouldn’t be a victim of such in the future. healing means you can ask the right questions, you can look through the process and pay the price not to be a victim one more time. yes if you can tolerate the pain, you can learn from it too.

It is about recovery

Healing is about finding direction after a rejection. You are willing to forget the deed that guy or lady did to you that made you feel so bitter. You are willing to take each day at a time and enjoy every moment that you will face in the future!