You Stopped Caring About Me, Just Like Dead Roses


sun and light keeps the roses alive
with a touch of water, it keeps them glowing.

you suddenly stopped caring for them.
one day, you decided your love for the bouquet of roses weren’t as important to you as they were the first day you saw them.

the roses were me
with a beating heart
with lungs
a human being.

i needed the passion you lacked
the attention you never gave me
the embrace
you stopped holding me
you simply stopped everything.

as you stopped giving me the water,
i dried out
like the Mojave Desert
little by little,
i started disappearing
until there was nothing left
i was nonexistent.

i was burnt by the harsh rays of the sun
i needed a mist of rain
i needed a clearer picture
of why everything had to end like this.

i constantly see you in a mirage
but i know it’s not real.

it was never real.