You Were Always Just A Ghost


I’ve never really been one to be freaked out by the Paranormal Activity franchises.
And for someone afraid of her own shadow, that surprises most people.
I’m nervous on bridges,
don’t like roller coasters,
I am terrified of snails.
I’m terrified of snails.

But I just couldn’t ever quite wrap my head around the idea of the supernatural,
Of ghosts.
That someone could exist without really existing.
I just didn’t buy it.
But now,
I wonder if the chill that lingers from our memories could qualify me for an exorcism.
You have slowly started to become a ghost.
I drive past your apartment with my roommate on our way to try some obnoxiously LA workout craze and pretend it doesn’t phase me.
But I look at your bedroom window every time.
I joke, say you’ve disappeared.
That maybe you were never really here at all.
You were never really mine, after all.
Maybe you always were a ghost.