You Were My Temporary Soul Mate


I don’t know if you’ll ever read this, but in case one day you are feeling weak and come here to reminisce, I want you to know that I forgive you. I know that there are things that you kept from me. I could always see that pain in your eyes that you just couldn’t put into words. I don’t at all fault you for hiding from me, there were things that I hid too. I just want you to know that I have accepted this fate by forgiving us both and realizing the incredible role we played in each other’s lives.

I’ve always believed in soulmates. When humans are created, each one has other souls who they are predestined to travel with through life. While some soulmates travel together for a lifetime, others cross each other’s paths for a short time. These soulmates completely alter the road that each is traveling so they are both closer to achieving their true destinies. I have found that a soulmate isn’t always romantic or a “one true love.” Often times a soulmate is a kindred spirit– a great companion that walks hand in hand with you for a short time and completely remakes you. That is what you and I were– kindred spirits.

We were not meant to be forever. We were destined to find each other at our weakest so to inspire great change in one another.

Our love always seemed to be so big, so impossible to justly describe in words. I think for the first time I finally understand what others feel when they can’t describe what “it’s different” means. Just sharing a glance with one of your soulmates is the most intimate connection in the world. It is not meant for words.

You and I helped each other break down the walls of our pasts and scars. We learned to trust one another and to let ourselves be vulnerable. We spoke of our fears and our dreams and our deepest secrets. Together, we allowed ourselves to be touched by the world. We explored all the simple, yet incredible joys in life– dancing in the street, running in a storm, writing messages on napkins, exploring forests and meadows, talking until late into the night, dreaming about changing the past and what’s to come in the future, singing love songs at the top of our lungs no matter where we were, feeling our heart beat slow and rhythmic when we were consumed with love. We learned of it all, hand in hand.

Together, we were understanding, loving, passionate, and inspiring. The humans we have become because of each other is destiny’s most beautiful work.

You were my fleeting soulmate. One who was destined to cross my path for but a moment, but completely change me, and I the same for you. Our love was perpendicular– colliding for one burning moment and then forever moving on.

I know that I will grieve. Through losing you, I have lost a soulmate, a best friend, and the one human in this world who grew and changed along with me. But I must hold onto that change you inspired within me. Even though our story was but a sentence in the story of destiny, it has forever altered our paths and given new life to our souls.

With it, we run.