You Weren’t Born To Just Exist, You Were Born To Create


You were not born into this world to fit the missing piece of someone else’s puzzle.

You did not arrive in this life for someone to write your life story and sit back and watch how the story ends.

You are here to shake shit up.

You exist to add your magic touch to this world. You are here to create and evolve into the best version of yourself, embracing the change that comes with it and allowing yourself to transform into a better you.

Don’t let the little voice in your head sabotage you from taking a chance on yourself. You cannot afford to hinder your unique qualities and end up repenting yourself for it.

You did not show up in this world to live up to the expectations of others. The people around you have their own purpose in life, and it’s not your responsibility to take on their journey for them. Your soul will never find joy and fulfillment living in a false reality that doesn’t serve you.

Stop trying to be perfect; nobody is.

You are here to be yourself completely and to encompass your flaws and all. You are here to create an impact and inspire people to find the courage to awaken their true selves.

You have hopes and dreams fluttering around in your soul, waiting for you to take the initiative to make something out of yourself. You are here to find a home within yourself and embody the wholeness that you are.

Stop trying to find happiness in empty places.

You can’t rely on other people to make you happy and give you the comfort you feel like you need from them. Connections are vitally important, but the relationship with yourself is the ultimate real security.

If you don’t befriend yourself first, nobody will.

If you don’t respect yourself first, nobody will.

If you don’t value yourself first, nobody will.

You need to put yourself first, not in a selfish way, but a selfless way. When you live selflessly, it will grant others around you to want to do the same.

You need to remember life is a journey full of ups and downs, but it should never stop you from giving up on yourself. You are allowed to design the life you want, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

You are the writer of your own story. Make it a damn great one, because you deserve it.