You Will Love Again After Your Heartbreak


This pain you’re feeling currently will fade eventually.

The ache in your heart that is gnawing at you non-stop. The heaviness in your chest making each breathe a struggle to draw in. The darkness that sinks itself on you and looms over you hopelessly.

There seems to be no respite comforting enough for you to toss your worries into the wind. No solace smoothing enough for you to move on with your life. No affirmation strong enough for you to accept your loss.

You may feel that your ex was different from everyone else you met. He was the one that stole your heart right from the start and you were all too willing to let him. He made all the fragmented pieces of your heart sing in elation. He was the one you can picture holding your hand as you walk into the sunset of tomorrow.

So when he left, you felt that you had nothing to live for. You felt that he had taken all the light and you couldn’t see anything beyond this all-consuming darkness that seems to swallow you up. You were terrified that this heartbreak that wrecked you could be the end of you. And frankly, you just wanted this grief to stop.

But please, don’t lose hope.

When you keep hope alive, only then can you feel alive. When you believe that you can rise above this, only can you take the active but necessary step to move on with your life.

Because you know deep within the confine in your heart, one day you will meet someone better.

When you finally meet the one that is meant for you after all that you had been through, it won’t be easy to adjust in the beginning. This person that you meet is unlike any of the guys that you dated before. For one thing, he genuinely cares about you.

When something is bothering you, he can sense it immediately, noticing your subtle quietness and pressing you what’s wrong. When the day feels harder than usual, he will be there for you with his strong and unwavering presence.

Whereas you’re used to your feelings being disregarded, he wants to know everything. He wants to know your dreams and aspirations, the ones that make you jump out of bed excitedly and keep you awake at night. He wants to know your fears and uncover the inner part of your soul that you never tell anyone. Whereas you’re used to relationship heading nowhere, you can see that this is going somewhere.

Yet you feel unsettled and strangely on the edge of the foreign emotions going through your mind. You’re used to toxic love that keeps taking from you and leaving you empty inside. You’re familiar with people taking the easy way out and leaving when things get tough. You even crave for the predictability of their behavior.

What you didn’t see it coming is finding someone with the maturity to work through hard issues with you. He’s someone who will never give up on you. He will treat you right- the ways that you could only dream of and he loves you for nothing less than what you deserve.

So please, don’t give up now.

Have faith that your difficult days will be over soon. Your heart will heal and all will be okay again. Don’t stop believing in love. Don’t settle for just anyone.

Wait patiently and hold out for this person who will love every single part of you. Wait for him because he is worth it.