You Will Never Be Defined By Your Past Or Your Future


You are the limitless sky of balance between light and dark.

You are a reflection of the ocean’s depth and complexity, filled with unexplored parts.

Neither the past nor the future defines you. You are the seasons of the earth, leaving behind summer for the new winter. As the earth moves through phases, you do as well.

As the moon moves through phases to reach its new moon, you, too, reach the new moon of your being. To bring in something new, you need to leave the past behind.

You are not defined by your past mistakes. You are shedding old skin and emerging anew. You are who you are meant to be because you are here.

You are a reflection of your own evolving world. Your mind is the cosmos that will never be fully understood. There are planets within you that cannot be defined solely by its history but admired for your beauty as a whole.

You are not the divided self but one being interconnected with the oneness of all beings. You are the air that breathes love for life. You are the grounded soil of the earth. You are the seeds and roots that grow and flourish diversity, color, and beauty.

You are the chaos of the thunderstorm that shakes the land to its very core. You are the tranquil sounds of raindrops. You are the space and time of the continuum.

You are everything this universe and beyond has to offer. You are not your past, but the many potentialities and wonders of this present moment.

So, learn from your mistakes. History is merely a lesson not intended to repeat but to grow from it.

What matters most is the choices you make in the here and now to reach for the highest self that you can possibly be.