You Will Never Be Good Enough For Everyone And That’s Okay


I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge. I don’t only thirst for book smarts and common knowledge, I search for knowledge about things that are underneath the surface; knowledge that doesn’t quite stick out like a sore thumb or hit you square in the face when you see it. In my search I have found so much, and one of those things would be that you won’t always be everyone’s cup of tea. 

The truth is, some people aren’t going to choose you. They won’t look at you and say: “That person right there is my person.”

They won’t walk up to you in the mornings and greet you with a smile. Chances are, they won’t greet you at all even if you greet them.

They won’t be cheering for you out loud, or hoping the best for you; and if they do, it’s likely that they are jeering at you deep down and to everyone around them.

They won’t laugh with you, they’ll snicker at you.

Frankly, every good thing that you do for them, towards them, or around them will never be good enough. It’s not that you’re not enough or that you are not worthy, but sometimes you just don’t mesh with people, and that’s okay.

There are many reasons for that, maybe they aren’t ready for all that you are! Maybe your greatness shines so bright that they can only handle a spark of your great flame. Rather than lighting up with you, they burn in your brightness and they choose to be uncomfortable around you instead of standing with you in your magic!

Whatever their reason is, please let them settle, don’t settle for them! You need rise up and keep burning like the wildfire that you are! Never let someone put out your spark simply because they are too indecent to be kind. Never stop being benevolent simply because someone else is callous.

Your gentleness is going to change the world; it is the outer exhibition of your strength.

In the words of Leo Buscaglia “Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.”