You Will Not Be Broken Forever


Nothing is eternally damaged. Not even you. I think we have a tendency to exacerbate things in our minds by the way of not being able to let them go. Logically, it makes sense to stop thinking about something that upsets you, but we just can’t. It’s like we want to torture ourselves. It’s like we want to think through the issue just one more time and see if we can find the light at the end of its tunnel but we never will. We just drop ourselves further into the cesspool and we can drown ourselves there.

After a particularly difficult phase of my adolescent life, (it seemed difficult to me at the time) I asked my mom, why me. And she immediately said no, you’re not going there. She told me that everybody has these issues (referencing the specific ones I had at the time). Everybody deals with these things. She did, her friends did, my ancestors did in one variation or another. This was nothing new and this is nothing that I have been solely victimized to.

And I think her words hold true for a lot of things. Yours was certainly not the first heart to be broken — in fact, I would say that unrequited and lost love is the most common tale of human suffering of all time. If anything, what we should learn from the past is that its normal. It’s almost guaranteed to happen in one way or another or in one form or another.

So we just can’t sit around and let ourselves crumble when these things do happen — even when we’re feeling like all of our worst fears came true and there’s no reason for going on. Even when you feel lifeless and like there’s nothing that can propel you out of it– well, you’re right about one thing. You are the only way you will be propelled out, one small step at a time. And you remember, that even if you are temporarily hurt, you will not be broken forever.

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