You Won’t Believe How Much Of A Jerk These Animals Are! Wow!


Are you guys ready for 23 of the meanest, most insensitive pictures and .gifs of animals being jerks?

Cats, dogs, elephants, birds — they’re all jerks.

No one is safe. Not even babies, women, men, and even other animals.

Cover your eyes if you get queasy.

This is not pretty.

Which one is your favorite?

All of them are my favorites.

But I especially love the pig tuck n’ roll.

So I guess that’s my favorite one.

He uses the back of the dog like a hill.

A roly poly piglet.

Isn’t that cute?

[protected-iframe id=”c878ef5492f2aeeb6e44fa6a55bf514c-7369149-5398931″ info=”” width=”100%” height=”550″ frameborder=”0″]