You Won’t Believe What My Skin Looked Like After Going To The Spa For The First Time


The only time I’ve ever been to a salon is to get a haircut. It’s not that I wouldn’t try out the other services offered, I just never thought about it. I’m fairly confident in saying exfoliation is not the top priority for most guys.

But why?

It has to be relaxing and rewarding, right? I don’t know a female in my life that wouldn’t love to have a spa day, so why have I been overlooking it all these years? It’s been long enough. I need to preserve my delicate, youthful glow starting today.


I talked with the lovely people at J Michael’s Spa & Salon in Louisville, KY about coming in and trying out some of the services they had to offer. They had a massage therapist named Lucas Pearson who was highly recommended by a few of the customers, but I’ve had massages before. I needed to venture out further. I decided the best place to start was with a facial. Courtney Varble was my aesthetician (I looked that up or I would have gone with Face Skin Fixer, which isn’t the correct term, apparently) so I jumped on the lovely, heated bed, popped on a towel wrap like Dana Wheeler in the only scene I remember from Fletch.

I didn’t know what would happen, but as long as my face didn’t get melted off like guys that looked at the Ark of the Covenant on Raiders of the Lost Ark, I was cool. I had a lot of questions because I usually don’t let people rub liquid all over my face without inquiring about it first. Courtney did amazing and, I’m not gonna lie, it was fantastic.  She did all of these masks and cleansers that felt amazing. It was like she was going pore by pore and deep cleaning my face. Plus the massage with it was amazing. She also used an ultrasound to go over my face with one of the masks, but I cut that short because I don’t think I’m pregnant, but you never know.

After the treatment was finished my face felt magical. I knew it would be clean, but I had no idea how different my skin would look. I have to show you my before and after pictures. You may not be able to see a difference at first glance, but look closely and you can just see a shine and purity to my skin that’s truly remarkable.

Here’s the before:

Not terrible, but not great. Now see if you can spot the differences in the after:

Can you see the subtle differences? Sure I put on a shirt and straightened up my hair, but look how bright and fresh my skin appears to be. I thanked Courtney and the amazing staff at J Michael’s and headed home. Once I got there I remembered I was having a cookout with a few friends. I immediately ran over to the grill and started cooking. One of my friends mentioned how great my skin looked. I thanked her, but didn’t realize how amazing it looked in the sunlight until she text over this photo she took of me:

I apologize for not wearing a shirt. I know that’s unprofessional, but it was just a casual hangout with some friends. But still, how great did my skin improve? I honestly can’t recommend enough how important it is for guys to try this. If you have a special guy in your life, surprise him with a spa day. He’ll thank you for it later. By the way it’s been a few hours since my treatment and I think it’s really setting in now. I snapped a quick selfie and I apologize for the messy room, but here’s how my skin is looking after about 6 hours:


A huge thanks to the amazing staff at J Michael’s Spa & Salon for letting me hang out with them. You should check them out on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter. Also if you tell them I sent you, I think they have to give you a hug. I’m not positive, but it’s worth a try?