You’ll Always Be That One Person I’ll Never Forget


There’s always that one person you will never forget.

The one who has left an indelible trace on you. The one that has changed your life in unimaginable ways in both the good and the bad.

The person who may have left for reasons unknown or for reasons you just don’t understand.

Nevertheless, they hold a special place in your heart. It might be someone whom you loved platonically or someone you were romantically involved with.

Your mind and your heart recall long forgotten places, faces, and feelings when you think of them.

While their physical presence no longer exists within your world, metaphysically, they are felt in the crevices of your heart and mind.

Nostalgia and melancholy emotions seep into your body at the mere thought of them depending on your memory.

You may even catch yourself smiling, daydreaming of a time when there was a them. Something funny they’d say or do.

I caught myself laughing at a memory of you impersonating people. You were so good at that. I see so many people passing me by who you’d make good impressions of, with your hand gestures and silly facial expressions.

Then I stop and realize that you’re gone and you’re not coming back.

But I keep moving.

I’m still grieving the loss of you. It comes in waves—one minute I’m fine reminiscing about a past time of us together, then the next I’m a mess. My hands sweat and my body is hot, flushed. My heart palpitates and tears fill my eyes.

I realize that although you are no longer here, I’m grateful for all that I’ve learned and everything you’ve taught me about myself.

I now know I’m an emotional being, overly sensitive at times. I’m also strong and determined. I have an analytical mind, one you used to say would think too much.

Although we’ve separated, you’ve taken a piece of me with you, as have I, and I think that’s only fair.

I’ll cherish those memories, keep them sacred to me and honor you.

So thank you. Thank you for bringing the worst and the best in me. And wherever you are, whatever you are doing, I wish you well.