You’ll Get Through This, Pretty Girl


Hey, pretty girl, so it happened again.

You walked into the room, pretty girl, with dignity and grace. You held your head high, and he asked you to dance. You gave him your hand and followed his lead. You gave it a try, pretty girl. You didn’t expect to bleed.

It was worth it, pretty girl. This you should admit. He was worth it, pretty girl, despite that he quit.

You know this already, pretty girl. I’m just here to remind you. He can’t tear you apart, pretty girl, if you take back your heart.

You almost gave him your all, pretty girl, but this you’ll get through. Because, pretty girl, he can’t take away you.

Go get that piercing and go buy that book. Change your routines, and take back all that he took.

Oh pretty girl, just sleep, for he’s not coming back through that door. Change until he won’t know you anymore.

I know you miss him, pretty girl, on Sundays and Mondays the most. I know that he follows you around like a ghost. I know you miss his warmth and his flame, but honey, he left you, and it won’t ever be the same.

I know you miss him, pretty girl, but it will be okay. Please remember, pretty girl, you don’t want someone who walks away.

You can’t count on him to come back another day.

You have wings so you can fly, pretty girl, and your history tells you this. You almost gave him your heart, pretty girl, and no one can blame you for it.

So hold your head higher, pretty girl, and let your flame burn brighter. Although he may be gone, pretty girl, you have someone you can depend on.

It’s you, pretty girl.

It’s always been you, pretty girl.