You’ll Never Catch Someone Who Doesn’t Want To Be Caught


It’s like the game you played in elementary school.
One person runs, the other follows.

At first it’s fun.
Wind in your hair.
Eyes focused on one goal.


But they keep running.

Unsure of their path, but sure enough to know they don’t want it to be aligned with yours.
Heavy breathing.
Losing focus.
Your mind is saying go, run faster.
But your body is slowing down,
You’re losing hope.

It’s like standing in a hurricane with just an umbrella.
You just can’t win.
Because you’ll never catch someone,
Who doesn’t want to be caught.

That’s when you stop.
Like you’ve been struck by lightning.
Bold and brave.
Alone, as you watch them run away.

Cause darling,
It’s apparent.
They are chasing their dreams.
And you realize.
It’s time you need to chase yours.

See that’s the thing about dreams,
they are meant to be yours.
To be relentlessly chased,
And humbly achieved.

They want to be caught,
To be showed off.
You’re dreams, my dear,
Build character.
Build a future,
And when you chase them, everything else will fall into place.

You are whole,
all on your own.
And happiness above everything else is something you create.

Create thoughts,
Create ideas,
Create opportunities,
Create mountains.
Big ones.
Mountains that you can climb and conquer alone,
Because maybe,
Just maybe…
Someone might be there to help you climb them.

So go on now,
Be courageous.
Tell yourself it’s okay to chase your dreams,
Instead of someone else.

Because for the right person,
You’ll be their dream
And they’ll be yours.

Until then, keep chasing and be proud.
You’re doing great.