You’ll Never Truly Know If Your Decisions Are The Right Ones, And That’s Okay


We’ve danced this dance for too long.

“What’s bothering you?”

I know you.

I know you, beautiful girl.

Your gift is giving, your touch is moon dust and your scent is like the mountain breeze with a drop of angel tears. Your glistening eyes, like distant stars from a galaxy far away.

“I wish we could make the right choices all the time.”

I long for the day you understand that your selfless nature is beautiful to many who have been graced by your laughter. And that your center that defines you have in turned defined so many. Like the starry night sky that glistens upon the faces of the hopeful, your eyes fills hearts with joy.

I long for the day you understand that the galaxies in your eyes have made me love you even more. And that your mending heart can be healed the same way that you’ve comforted many. One day the walls will be brought down and I will peer into the singularity of your milky way eyes.

“But there are no right or wrong choices.”

We make choices.

Some lead us to paths further from intended but sometimes you have to take the long way home to see the forest for the trees. There are no wrong choices, darling. We fall so we can learn to get up again. The night has to be dark for the stars to shine. And your galaxies, beautiful girl, have never shone brighter.

Let’s keep on dancing.