Your Age Does Not Define You (So Stop Worrying About It)


The moment the clock strikes twelve on your birthday, everyone automatically have the ‘You Are Your Age’ mentality. Don’t forget the never-ending ‘You’re old’ jokes. Yes, everything that is ‘wrong’ with your age – except to break it down to you – there’s absolutely nothing wrong. You made it up, or someone made you to.

Aren’t you sick and tired of being told what you should do with your life?

Whenever you skim through articles, there’s a chance you’re feeding yourself with make-believe ones, not reality. I’m sure you came across – ‘Things You Must Stop Doing Once You Turn (Insert Age Here)’, ‘Things To Do Before Turning (Insert Age Here)’ or ‘50 – Midlife Crisis’ and the lists go on and on and on.

Aren’t these phrases so commonly heard?

“You’re 28, why aren’t you married?” or “You’re 22, you’re too young to be married”

“You’re almost 33, why are you still studying?”

“There’s no chance for you to be an entrepreneur, you’re 59!”

You know what’s getting old? Doing what society expects of you. For all of you.

The pressure to do certain things at a certain age, why complicate things? Why are you letting your age restricts you? Why do you let people define your age for you? Shouldn’t it be you be in control of your life?

We, as a society, like comparing ourselves with everyone else. Why? You see, there’ll always be someone else better than you, have an aviary of notions in their lives larger than you, achieved more than you at (Insert Any Age Here). One thing for sure though, they aren’t you, they will never be you as much as you’ll never be them. They don’t go through the experiences you went through, how could they when they didn’t walk a day in your life! So, why don’t you nurture you, and be a better you than a year ago or five years ago?

What if a person wants to start anew at 29, when previously they’ve a rough life? Are they a failure at 29? What if a person was landed with depression and anxiety until her 32nd birthday, is she a failure at 32? What if a guy wants to start afresh from prison at 21, is he a failure at 21? What if 50-year-olds want to do a career switch? Are they a disappointment at 50 because society sets it out that at 50, you’re supposed to just continue life and be uninspired?

Who exactly decides what’s a failure or a success? Yes, no one except only you.

At 21, you think you’re old.

At 25, you think you’re old.

At 30, you think you’re old.

You get the picture.

That psychological assessment is depressing, isn’t it? If every passing birthday, all you think about is how old you’ll be, how the clock is ticking instead of thanking each passing year for your extended life, then what are you exactly living for? Why continue this mental cycle when you should live in the moment? Why perpetuate a detrimental worldview for this?

There’s no manual on ‘How You Should Live Your Lives’, let alone what you should be doing at any particular point of time. A 15-year-old may already know what she wants to do, whereas a 35-year-old still hasn’t find her true calling in life yet. You don’t necessarily should ‘act your age’ by 28, neither should people at 60 should stop learning because society says they’re ‘old’. It’s already a mad, mad world, don’t make it sadder, mate. I refuse to surrender to these society pressures and lies when I have seen many inspiring and optimistic folks in their 50s exuding young, vivacious enthusiasms as compared to a worrisome, negative 20-year-olds. When you free your mind, it’s free.

At any age, you’re allowed to make mistakes, you can still take chances, and you can still make amendments.
Don’t let anyone make you feel insecure of your phases. We are all diverse, we all map our roads differently, there’s no need to judge one another on what they’ve attained at their certain stage of their developments. If we, again as a society, are so obsessed with this idea of ‘get your act together by (insert any age here)’, everyone will never enjoy their youth. Your life will just continue to pass you by, the earth will still be rotating, and you’ll still be the same concerned (insert any age here) person if you chose to worry about your age – of all the other things in the world.

I have misspent some of my formative years believing about these standards, that finally it’s time I set my own. I shall set myself free from these mental barriers the society and everyone around have established for me, and just start living, man. My life or any of yours might not be what everyone agrees to – especially as to ‘where you should be’, but everyone – whether you like it or not – will go at their own pace. You may be a late bloomer, but who says you won’t achieve one day or even better than what you’ve imagined? Doing what everyone else is doing, regardless of your age, is a recipe for disaster, so you’re better off doing YOUR things YOUR way when YOU’RE ready. Find your own pursuit of happiness, that’s more imperative in life.

Good luck, you young souls. Breathe.