Your Body Absorbs 5 Pounds Of Makeup A Year


It’s no secret that makeup doesn’t always contain the best ingredients. For most of my life I’ve heard people say you are what you eat (which if that was literally the case I would be a noodle), I like to think the same for your face. Parabens, mercury, and harsh metals are only a small portion of what is really in the products you may be buying.

Your skin is the largest organ your body with a total area of about 20 sq feet. It is so important to take care of your skin and watch what you’re putting on it. In a study, about 60% of chemicals in cosmetics end up in the bloodstream, 5 pounds of cosmetics are absorbed by our bodies every year and it takes roughly 26 seconds for cosmetics to be absorbed into the bloodstream. I don’t know about you but those facts are awfully alarming!

I was skeptical at first of trying all natural products because they aren’t always the most pigmented and tend to have a shorter shelf life. I was pleasantly surprised when I tried all of the products below. These are just a few of the many health conscious cosmetic companies!

 Lime Crime

This is one of my favorite vegan and Leaping Bunny-certified cruelty-free makeup items! Their makeup is extremely pigmented and never feels heavy on the skin. My absolute favorite product of theirs is the velvetines; non-transferable liquid to matte lipstick. This is the first liquid to matte lipstick that is truly long lasting (and smudge proof) that I’ve tried.


Velvetine in Suedeberry ($20 Lime Crime Price)

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics is an awesome company! They make everything from showering products, hair care, makeup and even nail polish, all at a reasonable price. The best part is that it is also cruelty-free and vegetarian friendly. Everything is handmade and fresh and some products such as their face masks are made in the store and kept in a refrigerator. Next time you’re in a store make sure to try one! This one is geared more towards problematic teen skin but it smells like chocolate and I couldn’t resist!


Fresh Face Mask in Cupcake ($6.95 Lush Price)


Bite Beauty

Bite Beauty is another all natural cruelty-free lipstick company. Their mission is to create lipstick that is healthy enough to eat. I am a huge lipstick wearer and we eat about a whopping 7 pounds of lipstick in our lifetime. Yuck. I love their high pigment pencil and I use it like a matte lipstick. Another cool thing about this company is that they have a Lip Lab located in Soho where they custom make a lipstick for you depending on the color, shimmer, flavor, and finish you’d like.



High Pigment Pencil in Chablis ($24 Sephora Price)

Hourglass Cosmetics

Hourglass is a high end cosmetic brand that offers all cruelty free makeup. They also have a selection of vegan products as well. All of their products are widely used in the industry due to their velvety skin finishes. My favorite product of theirs is the Ambient Lighting blush palette. The blushes create a seamless soft-focus and multidimensional finish.


Ambient Lighting Blush Palette ($58 Hourglass Price)