Your Creativity Was Never Meant To Be Contained


Create for the love of it, because you can’t imagine a universe that doesn’t have your art in it.

Create because the world needs your painting, film, television show, musical, play, book, essay, novel, poem, photo, graphic, song, lyric, dance.

Create because it’s too much to hold your art in your heart.

Your creativity was never meant to be contained.

Your creativity is never meant to be contained.

Your creativity should never be contained.

Do you see that now? Do you understand that now? Do you embrace that now?

Your creativity is meant to be splashed across blank pages, vibrant with color and life. Your creativity is meant to be found in the ears of listeners everywhere, imprinting on their hearts with every note. Your creativity is meant for the eyes of viewers, eager to jump into a story other than their own. Your creativity is meant to be held in the hands of readers, wanting to know of worlds and wisdom far beyond their own.

Your creativity is a gift to help you process the world around you. It’s for your own heart, your own bones, your own soul, and your own mind. Maybe sometimes you won’t want it to have an audience, and perhaps sometimes it won’t need one. But you must always let it out. Magic was never meant to rest in books and on the tips of wands. It was meant to be expressed, let out, conjured – even if it’s for an audience one.

Your creative magic cannot be contained.

It cannot be encapsulated into a review, an opinion, a conversation, a word, a square on Instagram, or a number on twitter. Your creativity cannot be measured in numbers, and it most certainly cannot fit into a box.

It most certainly cannot.

Let it out.

Let it change the world around you, the hearts around you, the minds around you, the souls around you. Let it change you, too. When we create, even if we don’t share it with audiences around the world, the art becomes part of the mosaic of our soul. We take it with us, and we carry it always, stitching our bits of the universe with our creativity and our art.