Your Empathy Is A Beautiful Thing


So, here you are, at the end of another relationship.

They hurt you terribly. Damaged your self-worth. Damaged your confidence.

For months leading up to the very end, you hadn’t slept properly. Long before that, you had ceased to feel that you were enough.

But here you are now, at the end of another relationship.

And it is so, so difficult to understand how it came to this.

How did this happen to you?

You are intelligent and strong, so how did you allow yourself to get stuck in this situation?

How did you let them treat you like that and make you feel like you were nothing?

Because you know—you know—that you are not nothing.

But you put up with it anyway. For some time, at least.

And the truth is that your heart is vast and your empathy is stronger than any other emotion that you possess. You care so much for people. Sometimes you care so much for others that it completely overshadows your self-care.

Yet your empathy is not an inherently weak or dangerous trait. It is a beautiful thing, and it blossoms in the constant smiles that light up your face, in the way that you automatically seek the good in others, in the long lengths of time that you invest in people. To have a heart so huge and encompassing is truly such a wonderful thing.

So please, don’t let go of that.

When a partner treats you badly, that’s on them, not you. It is not your fault.

You poured yourself into the relationship. And none of what happened is your fault. The inability of others to appreciate you is never a reflection of your worth.

Your empathy is beautiful and precious, and you shouldn’t suffocate it because you are scared to be disappointed and hurt again.

Let your empathy soar. Let your smiles brighten your face and the faces of others. Let your kindness continue to radiate in your interactions with others. Let your heart be present and bold and open.

Because one day, someone will see it and they will fall in love with it. They will fall in love with you—all of you. And they will appreciate you. And adore you. And you won’t need to feel guarded or to be terrified of disappointment.

Because they will see you—see who you are, see your heart and its limitlessness. And they will protect that heart of yours because they will be so awed and humbled and grateful that such a heart chose them.