Your Existence Made My World A Better Place


It was years ago. Thousands of days had passed. We are now living different lives, we learn life lessons in a hard and beautiful way, we are now living completely in a diverse world of complexity, we met a lot of new people and we made new friends. But after all these years, I came to realize that I found myself left with words to say to you. I thought we’ll never have the chance to talk about life once more. I thought we’ll never have the opportunity to ask how we’ve been doing for the past years. I left the thought that I won’t be able to set my feet back from the place I once loved and cherished. But life surprised me, once again.

I kept all the memories still. Even though the persons on those photos are not together anymore and their feelings aren’t the same, still, it was really a good treasure to keep— memories of simple joys from all those little things. I am completely amazed by the fact that the universe allowed me to meet you once again. But hear me now as I say these things to you because I am grateful that for once in my lifetime, I had the chance to share it with you.

Please know that you are not alone. Know that you can still count on someone in the middle of the night when the world seems heavy to lift up, when sleeping was hard to do because the deep thoughts are keeping you awake, and when it feels like no one’s there to listen to anything that you will tell. You can fake it until you make it but please understand that no matter how high you build your walls to keep away that emptiness from people around you, there will always be someone who tries to knock them down and see you on the other side without any ounce of judgments and false findings.

Life will eventually reward you with all the things you are hardly praying for, I know. You are without a doubt a person with a genuine heart of gold— you know how to value people around you, you know how to selflessly devote yourself from the love of one without asking for anything in return, you know how to give endless efforts to show how you truly care and you know how to sacrifice in exchange of someone else’s joy and laughter.

You are rare and the world needs you. No matter how life seems hard at times, even if life doesn’t seem so kind, I know you are one of those who will refuse to be hardened by this world because you don’t want others to feel the same way you have felt, you don’t want others to experience the messiness of existence. I am so proud with all the things you have achieved and for all the hard works of your hands. Your defining silence says a lot how brave you are for fighting battles no one knows but you, it says a lot how strong you are for carrying the weight of confusion running through your thoughts, it says how true you love in spite and despite of the countless heart breaks, mistrust, and broken promises.

Know that whatever happens, there will someone whom you can come running to when the air feels like thorns to breathe, there will always be someone who will make time listening to all your randomness, and there will be someone whom you can share the heaviness within. I hope you’ll realize these things, once more.

Never lose your light in the chaos of darkness because your existence is a blessing, your existence matters and your existence made my world once and again, a better place.