Your Greatest Love Story Is With Yourself


We are part of a generation that constantly seeks validation from others. From Facebook likes to finding someone, who we think, will make our lives better. We post numerous selfies (sometimes risky ones) and wait for the number of likes/comments it will gain, we go on our never ending search for “the one” at the same time whining why we haven’t met “him/her” yet, we make decisions based on how people would react. All these we do while complaining how our lives are miserable and how unhappy we are.

We are constantly seeking for affirmation from others that we tend to forget that the only affirmation we need is from ourselves. We long to find someone who would love us that we neglect the thought that we should first learn about self love.

At times you find yourself staring at magazines and photos online and saying you want to look like this and that. You are so enraptured by their perfection that you terribly find yourself wanting to be like them.

And here come the “I wishes.” I wish I were that skinny. I wish I had big eyes like her. I wish I were as beautiful. I wish, I wish, I wish. You find yourself longing to be that “perfect” person that you begin pointing out what you lack compared to her/him, and eventually start to hate yourself.

We forget that they are human beings, too. That despite the perfect image they display on print ads and on social media, they too, have their own insecurities.

You should love yourself despite your flaws. Every day, look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Learn to accept the fact that no one is perfect and find beauty in the simplest of things. You’ve got two eyes that help you see the beauty of the world? Wonderful. You’ve got feet to take you to places? Nice. You’ve got hands that will help you create beautiful things? Amazing. We should learn to introduce a positive perspective in our lives. As said in the bible, we were created in the image and likeness of God. If He sees us as His masterpiece, then how could we fail to see that for ourselves?

Blessed are those people who see beauty in places where others only see nothing. When we begin to love ourselves and learn to accept our flaws, no one can use those against us. We will become more confident. Know that your scars, literal or figurative, make you more beautiful. They are what make you different among others, thus making you unique.

Our constant search for a love life should start within ourselves. We must learn to love ourselves unconditionally that we come to accept our failures. We should root for ourselves enough that we become our own motivators to push through with life, to make the best out of it, to be the best person that we can.

You, yourself, are enough. You are whole, perfectly imperfect. You do not need another human being to prove that you are worth something. We must learn to love ourselves enough that we won’t need validation from other people to know our worth. For in learning to love ourselves wholly, we start to appreciate the wholeness of others. Thus, learning to love them, too, wholly, unconditionally, fearlessly.