Your Love Gave Me Purpose


I might be cold or emotionless and may not always tell you how I feel, but that’s the thing about me, I really don’t know how to express my feelings – but you’ve changed that, obviously. You’ve changed me in a lot of ways. I’ve been through a lot of shit, but then you came along, and trust me when I tell you that you’re the best thing that ever happened to me. You might think I’m exaggerating but I’m not, it’s true. Before you, I had nothing to live for. It was just meaningless, but you’ve changed that too.

You gave me a purpose in life
, you taught me how to open up and how to let people in and how to trust you – and you’ve done that the first day we ever talked. It’s not like I talk to strangers but there was something different about you that made you so special and so easy to trust. Some kind of bond happened between us and I fell for you. It’s amazing how many things we have in common, some people might take it as a bad thing but believe me it’s not; we understand each other, we learn from each other how to cope with certain situations since we basically face the same problems.

I’m pretty sure that whatever happens to us in the future, if this comes to an end and we both find our own place in life, sooner or later we’ll find each other again; because I can’t imagine me without YOU, because we complete each other. And when I think about it, it’s you who I want beside me when all my dreams come true. I’m a realistic person and this isn’t something that I would normally say, but this time I had to say it because you’re my reality.

You’re the one I’m sure will always be there for me in spite of any troubles. You have to know that if ever you need me, I’ll be there. I’ll be there to support you or encourage you or just to show you how much you mean to me.

This, our love, will never end. What we have is stronger than anything or anyone and it’s been proved to me many times before. When people tried to come between us and say that we’re not right for each other, we proved them wrong and we proved to them how perfect we are for each other; because we are, and no one can deny that. No matter what you do or what I do, I’ll forgive you, I’ve done it before and I’ll do it again. I’ll fight for you and ill love you.

I will always love you and trust you with all my heart. I’d give anything just to make you happy and keep you that way.

Every day when I’m with you is the best day of my life, I fall in love all over again. It’s not only you that I love, but every detail about you. How easily you can put a smile on my face, even when we’re arguing. How you persist that we’re not fighting, we’re just talking and how I fail to deny that I’m smiling. How you bring out the best in me and encourage me to be the best version of myself (we both do that). How close you are, not only to me, but my family too. The way you look me in the eye, and the way it feels when I’m close to you; safe and whole.

You make up my world and if it’s not too much to ask, I want you to be there in it; us together…forever.