Your Pain Is Your Art


Your pain is your novel. The wisdom that it holds and the heartfelt stories that it carries, the defining moments that changed your life and the tipping points that inspired you to keep fighting. The plot twists that you weren’t prepared for, how you rewrote your story to keep it fascinating, and how you edited it to make it more about you than anyone else.

Your pain is your painting. The colorful moments that made it shine, and the dark moments that introduced you to all shades of black and how you learned to blend it with shades of white to make it grey. It’s the squiggly strokes of your brush on your canvas, the colors you added to make it come to life, the collages that you created out of every painful experience and the pieces of you that you had to repaint so they can shine again.

Your pain is your music. It’s your lullaby at night telling you how far you’ve come and how much you’ve grown. It’s the happy beat after a long somber melody. It’s the high notes you hit when you were screaming for help and the low notes you hit when you were whispering to God. Your pain is the song your wrote that moved people, the song that made people feel something and the song that people have fallen in love with despite its sadness.

Your pain is your movie. It’s your beginning and it’s your end. It’s how you develop your character and how you become the hero of your own movie. It’s the struggle you went through and the lessons you learned along the way. It’s the script you read from when you need guidance and when you need help and it’s an original. A movie that is based on your story; inspired by your events and a manifestation of your journey towards a happy ending.

Your pain is your masterpiece. Your sorrow made you write your story, your darkness evoked your colorful painting, your tears composed the most beautiful melody and your trials wrote the script of your movie.

Your pain is your art and you should be proud of it, perhaps you should flaunt it.

So publish your book, sell your painting, sing your song, direct you movie and sign your masterpiece.