Your Relationship Is Not A Romantic Comedy, Get Over It


Face it: you will never be a girl standing in front of a boy waiting for him to love you. You should know by now that it’s not easy to make Heath Ledger fall in love with you — even if you have Kat Stratford’s fashion sense. You aren’t Julia Stiles. You also don’t have perfectly trimmed bangs, good taste in music, and 500 days to spend with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Wake up to the fact that you will never be paid a million dollars just to cry over a boy. You only have to cry over the fact that you can’t have a million dollars.

Your relationship is not a movie. Get over it. Stop comparing your partner to every single leading man in Hollywood history. He will never be John Cusack in Say Anything. He will never serenade you with a boom box just because you’re mad at him. He is who he is, and you should appreciate everything he does to make you smile whenever you’re furious at him. You have to remember that it is the little thing that counts.

Learn to appreciate what your relationship has to offer. You are in it because you wanted it, not because you want to pattern it over your favorite chick flick. You know you’re better than that. Your relationship will only last if you want it to last. It’s not a two-hour movie with a predictable plot, and a generic ‘happily ever after.’ It may sound really trite, but relationships are undetermined stories that slowly unfold through the course of time.

We should know that movies are mere representations of people’s expectations; lives we cannot live, apartments we cannot own, money we cannot have, men we cannot date, and women who cannot gain weight. These make us expect, and expectations ruin everything.

Your relationship is not a movie, and yes, you should get over it. Relationships aren’t perfect; it is not a Katherine Heigl vehicle wherein there’s always a solution to every problem. Perfect is boring and predictable, and we should love what we have and stop looking for something we can’t. Our relationships are real. There are no ‘cuts’ or ‘credits’, and no ‘scripts’ to memorize. He may not be able to make you swoon over well-rehearsed quotable lines, but his sincerity will never fail to sweep you off your feet anytime.

featured image – 27 Dresses