Your Ultimate Witch Aesthetic, Based On Your Zodiac Sign



Candle magick, glamour spells, a super extensive online grimoire, loves pop culture witchcraft, big bonfires with friends to celebrate the sabbats, string lights hung up around their altar, online covens, palmistry.


Plants in the windowsill, a purse full of spell sachets, browsing the animal shelter thinking, “Is this cat my familiar?”, love spells, boxes upon boxes of tea on top of the refrigerator, wire-wrapped crystals, a home that smells like cranberries and acorn squash.


Pendulum readings, faerie gardens, an affinity for creating sigils, making witch tip masterposts, a pantry full of sweet magickal syropps, all-year beltane planning, always browsing Etsy for beautiful wands and divination tools.


Excessive jars full of every type of moonwater imaginable, past life regression tarot spreads, messy and warm kitchen/cottage witchcraft, handcrafted Appalachian cleansing brooms, collecting onion cutting tears for use in spells, folk magick.


Emoji spells, carefully thought out offerings, always burning incense, always answers tumblr asks for tarot readings, an emptied out ice cream tub full of eggshells for protection spells, draws witchsonas.


Beautifully arranged altars, forest witchcraft, “Rose quartz is probably the answer”, browsing Etsy for tarot card carrying bags, handmade sage bundles, jar spells, keeping witch materials in a thrift store suitcase under their bed.


Grey witchcraft, pressed flowers in their grimoire, so much selenite, inability to decide what materials to use in a spell so they just throw in everything, attuned to the position of Venus in the sky.


So many craft store Halloween decorations, polished carnelian, placing garlic EVERYWHERE in their house, sex magick, self-protection spells, makes amazing magickal teas and ciders, burning sage leaves with wishes on them


Obsidian scrying mirrors, listening to witchcraft podcasts in the car, always willing to help out baby witches, mood boards, hexing corrupt politicians, red jasper bracelets, playing music during rituals, fire witch.


Study sigils scribbled on the inside of their notebooks, solitary meditative hikes, tea leaf readings, keeping a piece of apatite inside their jacket, zombie tarot, rhabdomancy.


Detailed dream journaling, analyzing the position of the planets on important days in politics/history, using latin in their incantations, always doing research, weather witchcraft, loves historic witchy art, wants to use witchcraft to make the world a better place.


Bath magick, checking out every witchcraft book the public library has, spells protecting their family, rewriting their grimoire page 10 times because the handwriting doesn’t look right, sleeping with azurite under their pillow.